semi:theater was formed in 2006 as an ensemble of artists working together to develop a sort of half-theater. Collaboratively, we create performance works that maintain certain aspects of the theatrical form, while allowing for the abandonment of certain learned “rules” to progress in our discovery of new form, style, and purpose of performance.  The cornerstone of our process is built on trust in experimentation.  No idea in the rehearsal room is rejected (Unless it’s physically harmful, and that doesn’t always stop us).  Each member of the ensemble works to connect to his deepest emotional and physical impulses, in an attempt to provoke primal response.  Working from this deep initial impulse allows for physical, emotional, and spiritual breakthroughs not always achievable in rehearsal processes where the time for this discovery isn’t allowed.  In spite of this, an essential aspect to our work is to avoid taking ourselves and our process too seriously, which often results in unabashedly broad comedy.  Our work often comes off as slapstick, but with the realization that there is something deeper beneath.  A duality exists, causing audiences to walk away pained with laughter, but emotionally and intellectually moved.  And this is exactly how we walk away, too.